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Nicaraguan Hammock - Deluxe
  • Product Code: unviverse569
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $165.16

Superb quality comfort
Double thickness ensures longlasting weave
Handwoven in Nicaragua in the traditional way
100 softspun cotton for ultimate comfort
Fits one or two and the pet
450 Lbs. weight capacity
Total hammock length 13 ft
Bed dimensions 7 ft long 3.33 ft wide unstretched
Great bed replacementThe Cadillac of nonspreader bar hammocks.

Our Nicaraguan Hammocks are thick and firmly woven. loads of detail and exertion cross into handmaking each one. theyre regarded as luxurious by using any standard. THis is a really perfect set for the patio or bungalow.

There are hammocks available that suit every Canadian lifestyle and personality. Poolside Hammocks dry quickly and can be a ornamental part of your pool dcor. Campers backpackers and exterior fanatics can also decide upon one of the lightweight Hammocks.

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