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  • Polyester Rope Hammock  Soft Woven Deluxe
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• Our the majority of luxurious hammock
• Made with firmly wound polyester material rope
• Spacious enough for 2 (450-pound limit)
• Large foundation area (7 feet lengthy, 5 ft wide)
• Spreader bars made from thick dark-stained hardwood


When you purchase the Polyester String Hammock -- Soft-Woven Luxurious, you've made a choice to step-up to the next level of luxury.

This traditional style string hammock is made from highest quality polyester-made and requires an experienced hammock-maker 1 full day time to create this. Like the aged saying will go, there are some things can't hurry. That's by no means been more true than with this kind of piece of luxurious craftsmanship. You will find never any kind of shortcuts consumed in the assembly of what is particular to become the centerpiece of the relaxation world.

Bodily the hammock is created having a very limited weave that delivers a comfortable, protected place to offer rest and relaxation after having a long stress filled day. You will enjoy the capability to slip far from your concerns and relieve into your personal cocoon. The deluxe hammock is wonderful to the vision, too. The spreader pubs at each end are made of dark-stained wood, that makes the product pleasing and provides elements of support and stablizing. You'll be able to discuss the rest experience due to the fact that this hammock is usually large enough to aid 450 pounds. The bed region (7 foot long, five feet wide) makes it perfect for a couple to snuggle with each other and watch sunlight go down. Individuals with small children (don't worry: it can stain resistant) may appreciate getting almost all cozy and creating unique memories simply by reading an e book or informing bedtime tales before submiting.

What ever you choose to do, you'll certainly be in the panel of luxurious.


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Exactly what is Included
Hammock & Hanging Equipment

one year

Hammock Universe®

Soft Unique Polyester with Wood Spreaders

Excess weight Capacity (lb)

Suggested Hanging Range (ft)

2 Persons

General Hammock Size (ft)

Hammock Foundation Length (ft)

Hammock Bed Size (ft)

Recommended Storage space After External use
Not necessary

Pounds (lb)
15. four

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Polyester Rope Hammock Soft Woven Deluxe

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